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But first, you will ask, what are hair extensions?

And we say, after reading this article you will understand everything about extensions.

Hair extensions are the new trendy accessory to have and they are made of 100% natural human hair. They give you the possibility of finally having the hair you’ve ever dreamed of, in fact, with them you have the possibility of adding volume, length and even texture to your natural hair, there are infinite possibilities. They are usually a strand of hair coming out of small square of keratin.

What are the different hair extensions?

There are plenty of brands and techniques to choose from when it comes to extensions, at studio extension we have 3 different methods: 

With Great Lengths, which a world leader brand when it comes to extensions, they have their own patented technique, it consists to attaching the strand of hair thanks to a particular machine that sends an ultrasound pulsion that melts the keratin which we proceed to fold into a flat keratin to enhance how comfortable they are when they are attached to your natural hair.

With ExtensionRusse, a brand that comes straight from Siberia where you can find the best quality of hair but also the closest hair match with European hair, in fact the region of Siberia is known for having almost every color of hair depending on if it comes from south or north of Siberia. We do the Ktips technique, the keratin square is placed under the natural piece of hair, a small amount of heat is then place over the keratin to melt it and we then proceed to roll the keratin to attach it to the natural hair.

ExtensionRusse also has tape ins, a lot of hairstylists describe these as the sandwich technique because this technique consists of putting one extension underneath a selected strand of natural hair which will be the support strand and then putting another extension over it. Your natural hair will then be sandwiched in between the 2 tape in extensions. No heat at all is needed for this technique.

Other brands practice other techniques like sew ins and thread techniques whose are not adapted to all hair types.

Ktips are supported by all hair types as we won’t add to much weight to the scalp whereas sew ins and thread techniques can be too heavy on a European scalp, however Sew ins are more adapted for an African American scalp.

Every technique we chose to practice at Studio Extensions is done in a way where it respects natural hair growth and won’t cause any discomfort or pull on the natural hair.

You might ask which technique is the best? 

To that we say there isn’t only one best technique, in fact, techniques really need to be adapted to your hair type.

Every hair type is different and the needs differ as well, therefore all techniques are the best, some of them might just not be the best suit for your hair.

To know for sure which one would be the best technique for you contact us by phone or WhatsApp for a free diagnosis of your hair and your needs.

How to take care of your hair extensions?

While having the extensions in your hair there is a couple steps you need to do to care for your natural hair and your extensions as well as keeping them healthy, you need to: 

  • Brush the root area of your hair with a brush made from boar hair daily 

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  • Run your fingers through the extensions to separate them and prevent nots from forming
  • Shampoo your hair only with products that don’t contain any silicone or other similar products (any product ending in “cone” is a silicone derivative.) The use of products containing silicone could make your extensions fall off

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  • Not using any oily product on the root area
  • Using a hydrating mask or conditioner every time your wash your hair
  • Putting your hair in a ponytail or a bun at night to prevent nots in the root area
  • Don’t wash your hair within 48 hours of getting the extensions done.

After going through all the steps we just listed, your extensions and your hair will be the healthiest and will blend perfectly together.

How much do hair extensions cost?

It is obvious that extensions have a cost and it is not always easy to figure out, at Studio Extensions we love to keep the transparency and are more than happy to give you a response through the phone or WhatsApp about the price of your future extensions.

To help you have an idea of what the price would be before even getting a hold of us, we are explaining it to you. To determine your price there are 4 steps:

  • The amount of extensions needed
Your hair is thin Your hair is averageYour hair is thick
Your hair is down to your neck110 – 125 extensions125 – 150 extensions150 – 200 extensions
Your hair is down to your shoulders70 – 100 extensions 100 – 125 extensions125 – 150 extensions
Your hair arrives to the middle of your back60 – 80 extensions70 – 100 extensions100 – 125 extensions
  • The chosen technique

The chosen technique is very important and probably is what will mostly impact the final price, in fact the prices of every technique varies in price, Great Lengths ultra sound technique costs more since it takes longer, is more comfortable and doesn’t need any heat.

  • The desired length

Hair is a very rare raw material, the longer it is and the harder it will be to find, that raises the prices.

  • The brand used

At Studio extensions we have 3 brands so that we can suit every budget, the more expensive the hair is and the best quality it will be.

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